Is this you?

Are you a new project manager who's eager to run your projects well?

Maybe you're afraid you're not presenting yourself as the self-confident and capable project manager you want others to see you as.

You want your team to have confidence in your ability to lead them

and your boss to see you as a trusted team leader.

You want to lead successful projects, but there's still much you don't know. 

Even if you studied the textbooks and know the basics of project management, real life doesn't usually follow the textbooks. 

Unexpected problems, difficult personalities, challenging stakeholders, and unclear customer expectations are only a few of the things you'll deal with as a project manager. 

If you're insecure in your abilities, you're not alone. Most project managers start out feeling overwhelmed. After all, there's a LOT that goes into successfully leading a project. 

You want to ask questions, but maybe you're worried that asking too many questions will make others doubt your ability. 


Or maybe instead...

- You're off to a great start, but you want to increase your skill level quickly. You've got a project that you need to prove you can lead. And you don't want to waste time

- Or maybe you didn't even plan on being a project manager, but instead were tagged to lead projects since there weren't enough project managers at your job. And you need to get up-to-speed quickly. 

- Or you've been leading simple projects for awhile but have taken on more complex projects.

- You want to switch to IT project management and want to understand how IT projects are done.


You want a coach who understands you.

You want someone who can lead you through the steps of managing your project successfully. You want a safe place to ask quesitons - even those you fear might be dumb ones.

You want a coach who's been there before...who remembers what it was like to be new to project management without a formal project management background. But who also has many years of experience you can benefit from in a coaching relationship. 



You want a meaningful and rewarding career

Project management is a rewarding career, allowing you to work closely with team members to deliver solutions and solve problems

The career outlook is positve, with great salary potential.

If you want to build your skills quickly to enjoy your work more with less stress and faster growth, get in touch via the contact form below to find out if project management or leadership coaching is what you need. 



    "She explains every question you have making it really clear and providing you with very helpful information. 

    I would highly recommend Leigh because she takes her time to explain and clarify all the doubts. She makes sure you understand the information that she is providing to you." 

    Leslie Campos

    Leigh has been an excellent mentor and professional coach to me. She’s a champion of women in the workplace and has motivated me to overcome professional hurdles by providing me with specific strategies to face them. Thanks to Leigh, I’ve gained a greater sense of confidence in my professional role, and I no longer feel afraid to articulate my thoughts during roundtable discussions.
    — Caroline Ohene-Nyako


    200x200 Dwane Edwards-2.png

    "I have gained much confidence in my ability to successfully manage a project from start to completion."

    While I hold a Masters Degree in Project Management, I had very little professional experience in the field so there were certain aspects of the practice that were very hazy and presented a lot of challenges for me.
    Working with Leigh certainly provided me with a lot of clarity and gave a lot of useful insights on how to apply what I had learned in the University. It was certainly an invaluable experience as I learned a lot over the short period we worked together.

    With the experience gained after working with Leigh, I have gained much confidence in my ability to successfully manage a project from start to completion.


    200x200 Zarina Ghani.png

    "...she answered so many questions and provided such helpful guidance and templates."

    Leigh provides great guidance to people like me who are just starting out in project management. During our one-on-one coaching session, she answered so many questions and provided such helpful guidance and templates. I definitely recommend working with her! She’s a great inspiration and motivating coach! 


    Copy of 200x200 Wendy SW.png

    "I highly recommend her coaching to anyone, at any stage of her PM career."

    She really helped me understand how the skills I had honed over the years related to project management and she gave me the confidence to articulate that to prospective employers. Since I have been working as a project manager, I have continued to find great value in Leigh's coaching via Project Bliss.... I am very grateful for her enthusiasm and wisdom, and I highly recommend her coaching to anyone, at any stage of her PM career.


    If you'd like to see if working together is a good fit, get in touch and let's talk. You've got such an impact to make on the world. I'd love to help you do it! 

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